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Canvas quiz (due Tursday before clase)
Problem set(Gradescope, due Sunday)

3 Shiny Neew Things in Molecular Biology

  1. ENCODE(Encyclopedia of DNA elements)
  2. An explosioin in the number and functions of RNA
  3. Genome editing

6 billion base pairs make up human genome
19000 protein coding genes are encoded in the human genome. But Microproteins(<100 amino acid) may add to this number
We do not know how many different proteins are found in the human proteome.
1.5% human genome are used to produce protein.
80% DNA is transcribed into RNA.
Why the 78% transcripts that do not code for proteins? They are used for regulation. The RNA will fold to do other things but not protein.
Cas9 is a nuclease

Different types of non-coding RNA.

  • small
  • large

Equity manager
group spokesperson

The yellow part is DNA motif for Cas9 to recognize to cut.