Lecture 08 | 10/04 Unit 1 Review Session

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Question 1

  • Specific interaction: major grrove and alpha helix.
  • Nonspecific interaction
    • Hydrogen bonding
    • Electrostatic interaction

Question 2

The whole plasmid should be 6.5 kb.

The top uncut lane is nicked, and the bottom uncut lane is supercoilded.

Originally plasmids from the bacteria are all supercoiled. But during the preparation, the plasmids get nicked by enzyme.

Problem 03

  • A. It will become negatively supercoiled
  • B. It will become positively supercoiled
  • C. Its topology will not change
  • D. It will no longer be cccDNA

A-form DNA -> more compact -> #bp/turn increase -> Lk decrease -> negatively supercoiled

A-form DNA :11 bp/turn
B-form DNA: 10.5 bp/turn
Twist decrease --> writhe increase --> positively supercoiled

Problem 04

DAXX is helping compact.