GCP Service Comparison

2023/03/09 21:42 PM posted in  Coding Notes   comments

  1. Google Compute Engine
  2. Google Kubernetes Engine
  3. Google App Engine
  4. Google Cloud Functions

Cloud Services

  1. IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service
  2. PaaS: Platform as a Service
  3. SaaS: Software as a Service

  1. Compute Engine — allows you to create your own virtual machine by allocating hardware specific resources e.g. RAM, CPU, Storage. It is also very hands on and low level.
  2. Kubernetes Engine — Is a step up from Compute Engine, and allows you to use Kubernetes and Containers to manage your application, allowing it to scale when need be.
  3. App Engine — Is a step up from Kubernetes Engine and allows you to focus only on your code, whilst Google handles all the underlying platform requirements.
  4. Cloud-Functions — Is the final step in the compute pyramid, and allows one to write a simple function that when triggered, uses all the underlying infrastructure to compute and return a result.